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Discover the Benefits of Air Quality Control

Keeping your facility dust-free can be good for your employees and your bottom line, but air quality control goes beyond just having a clean workspace. With an industrial dust collector on site, not only will you clear the air, but you’ll improve employee efficiency, increase employee retention, help ensure a safe working environment and reduce equipment maintenance costs.

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Our systems have more filter area than the competition, are safe and easier to use overall and are backed by a great support team that responds fast. This free ebook explains why keeping your rugged manufacturing environment dust-free can be good for your employees and your bottom line.

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what you can expect to learn in this ebook


The benefits of managing air quality in your environment


The essential roles dust collectors serve within industrial operations and facilities


How to select the right system for your application


benefits of air quality control

Improves Health and Safety

Increases Productivity

Happier Employees


A.C.T. Dust Collectors was founded in the 1980s to help manufacturing environments clear the air, improve employee efficiency, increase employee retention and more. Whether you’re welding, grinding, cutting or sanding, we have a wide range of dust collectors available to handle many applications that produce dust, dirt and debris.

In our search for the right fit with dust collectors, A.C.T. came in to help select the right systems that we would need. Through installation and long after, they have helped us along the way. If you're looking for a great product with great service, A.C.T. is for you.
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